Property Management

As one of Maryland’s premier property management companies, Fedder remains committed to building value in commercial property. Currently managing more than 1.8 million square feet of commercial property, we offer a complete range of services for retail, commercial, office and industrial properties of all sizes. Whether it’s third-party management, financial management or physical maintenance, Fedder has proven experience in every facet of commercial real estate.

Retail. We know retail environments, from a small strip of stores to destination power centers. We understand that you need more than off-the-shelf management strategies to succeed in
various forms of properties.

Office. Fedder is experienced in managing commercial office property, from townhouse-style office strips to multi-story office towers.

Industrial. The great diversity of industrial properties, from warehouses to manufacturing plants to distribution centers, can present management challenges that are equally as varied. We are proven in this type of property.

Bottom line: Fedder has the experience and resources to handle every aspect of asset management for your property: The big picture, the small details, the expected, the unexpected. We’re the call you should make to protect and enhance the value of your properties. Whatever may arise, our professional team will find the solutions you need.

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